Distillery Discovery

Vodka, Gin, Whiskeys.. & Shine.. yes, that’s right legalized moonshine.. From Earth to the bottle, we are off to see how grains, local strait shineharvested potatoes and even blueberries are made into some fine spirits. Tour two of the Island’s distilleries to witness the processes and experience tastings. Learn how Master Distiller perfects the art of Gin making and turns Fancy Molasses into Barrel aged Rum. Find out how Islanders made illegal moonshine throughout our history. Tour the distillery and witness the unique process as “Strait Shine” is collected straight from the still. A special treat of the day – Become an Honorary Islander as you prince edward distilleryare sworn in with fresh Prince Edward Island oysters with a fine spirit shot!

Must be 19 years of age or older to partake on this tour.

Duration:  4 – 4.5  hours


  • Transportation
  • Guide service
  • Tastings
  • Swearing in ceremony to become an Honorary Islander


** Lunch and admissions can be arranged as well on this tour.